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5035 Unterentfelden, CH
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The FTA-Team

Daniel Diriwächter

Team Manager sales


Motto: " There is no such thing as it can't be done! "

Favourite product:  TWIN wheels and Soft-Blue-castors.

Languages: English, French and German

Ramona Vanotti

Sales Manager

Motto: "A good health is the greatest wealth,
          love the most precious treasure
          and laugther is the best medicine. "

Favourite product:  Soft Blue wheels and castors - "Not too soft and not too hard, excatcly like me!"                       

Languages: German, English and French

Matthias Lüscher

Sales Manager

Languages: German, English, French

Gökcen Ruhland

Sales Manager

Languages: German, English

Giuseppe Pizzolante

Sales Manager, external sales

Motto:  " The action seperates the ojective form the dream. "

Favourite product; Equipment castors - low overall height + high load capacity !

Languages: German, French and Italien

Patrick Giudici

Warehouse Direct Sales


Motto: " I am like I am "

Favourite product: collapsible carts with total-stop

Language: German

Gianpiero Bellisario

Warehouse Sales Direct

Motto: “Never laugh at someone who takes a step back; he might be taking a run at it!"
          (Oscar Wilde)

Favourite product: Mammoth casters, the absolute hit for large loads

Languages: German and Italian

Urs Meier

Warehous Sales Direct

Languages: German

Samuel Dätwyler

Service Workshop

Motto:  “I will attempt to do the impossible for you."

Favourite product:  fork high lift trucks.

Language: German

Maria Suter


Motto: “We only rarely think about what we have, but always about what we are missing."
          (Arthur Schopenhauer)

Favourite product: pneumatic tyre, only flying is nicer

Language: German

Maria Morgillo



Motto: " It is also possible to build something beautiful out of the obstacles put in your way. "
           (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

Favourite product: Tango castors, beautiful design and perfect quality !

Languages: German, French and Italien

Roland Wasem

Managing Director Logistics / Sales / Human Resources

Motto: “Life is movement, and without movement there is no life." 
          (Leonardo da Vinci)

Favourite product:  Vulkollan® wheel, unbelievable what the material can withstand!

Language: German

Karin Kaufmann

Managing Director Finance / Marketing / Purchasing

Motto:    " I've learned so much from my mistakes...   I'm thinking of making a few more. "

Favourite product:  Tango castors and EASY castors

Languages: English, Danish and German

Hans W. Kaufmann

Company founder

Motto: " We don't want to be the biggest - just the best."

Favourite product:  Package cart - always at hand

Languages: English and German

Tamara Menard


Motto: “If you reach beyond your shadows, you will land in the light and warmth of the sun."
          (Ralph Senftleben)

 Favourite product:  ratchet strap


 Always reachable by phone on Wednesday


Company dog

Motto: " A dog needs a dog’s life. It’s true that he doesn’t want any fleas,
           but he wants the possibility to get them. "

          (Robert Lembke) 

Favourite product:  transport trolleys and snackies!

Languages: All languages - spoken with love