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INOX Laboratory swivel castors, bolt hole, total brake, elastic rubber wheels

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
  • INOX Stainless INOX Stainless
Especially recommended for fragile floors, because this castor does not leave
marks even on the most sensitve floors. e.g. in sport halls.
Quiet and easy to manoeuve, ideal for theatre props and hospital equipment.
And all places where silence is an important value !

Also ideal on dirty surfaces with sharp metal swards. This wheel can handle that!
Operating temperature: -20°C until +60°C.

Stainless steel. Two ball race rings in the swivel head.
Max. speed: 4 km/h.

With bolt hole - use screws or expanders.

Extra soft, elastic rubber tread with polaymide rim with plain bearing.
Travels steadily and softly even on uneven surfaces.
NON-Marking, flexible and very quiet.
Hardness Shore A 60 +/-5

Above a net goods value of CHF 100.- 20%, above CHF 500.- 25% discount.
The discount rates are only valid for our range of wheels and castors.

Product options

Product code
Wheel diameter Wheel diameter Wheel diameter mm
Tread width Tread width Tread width mm
Overall height Overall height Overall height mm
Offset Offset Offset mm
Bolt hole diameter Bolt hole diameter Bolt hole diameter mm
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
excl. VAT
2.000.267 125 40 154 42 12.0 150 CHF 36.10
instead CHF 72.20
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 2.000.267 CHF 36.10
instead CHF 72.20
  • Wheel diameter mm 125
  • Tread width mm 40
  • Overall height mm 154
  • Offset mm 42
  • Bolt hole diameter mm 12.0
  • Load capacity kg 150
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs