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ERGO-Supersoft swivel castor with total brake and soft polyurethane wheel

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
  • CAD Data on request CAD Data on request
This roll was designed for continuous use! Thanks to the crowned wheels less
effort is required to push the trolley. In particular, if the wheels are not in the
direction of travel. In contrast to conventional casstors, ERGO castors run
extremely smoothly.
They can be used for mechanically driven trolleys up to 6 km/h.
They can be used on all industrial floors as well as outdoors.
Very resistant to chemicals. Working temperatur: -20°C/ +80°C.

Bracket type NL ( Ø125mm) housing type M (Ø160-200mm)
Innovative product that combines the load capacity and the resistance to wear and
tear of the polyurethane with the ability to overcome obstacles, noise vibration damping
and impacts of elastic rubber. Compared to elastic rubber they have a better rolling resistance!
AND they are much more durable.

With plate.

Cast SUPERSOFT-polyurethane, ROUND profile, wheel with grey polyamid rim and BALL bearing.
Quiet and NON-Marking. Very abrasion resistant wheel with good tear resistance.
Low rolling resistance! Hardness Shore A 95.

- with Supersoft castors
- higher load capacity Ø200mm - (bracket type P)
- with back hole monting on request
- stainless steel design on request

Above a net goods value of CHF 100.- 20%, above CHF 500.- 25% discount.
The discount rates are only valid for our range of wheels and castors.

Product options

Product code
Wheel diameter Wheel diameter Wheel diameter mm
Tread width Tread width Tread width mm
Overall height Overall height Overall height mm
Offset Offset Offset mm
Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions mm
Hole spacing Hole spacing Hole spacing mm
Hole width Hole width Hole width mm
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
excl. VAT
1.118.410 125 40 156 37 100x85 80x60/75x45 9.0 220 CHF 71.50
1.118.411 160 50 199 56 140x110 105x85/75 11.0 400 CHF 102.–
1.118.412 200 50 240 56 140x110 105x85/75 11.0 500 CHF 122.–
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 1.118.410 CHF 71.50
  • Wheel diameter mm 125
  • Tread width mm 40
  • Overall height mm 156
  • Offset mm 37
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 100x85
  • Hole spacing mm 80x60/75x45
  • Hole width mm 9.0
  • Load capacity kg 220
More info 1.118.411 CHF 102.–
  • Wheel diameter mm 160
  • Tread width mm 50
  • Overall height mm 199
  • Offset mm 56
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 140x110
  • Hole spacing mm 105x85/75
  • Hole width mm 11.0
  • Load capacity kg 400
More info 1.118.412 CHF 122.–
  • Wheel diameter mm 200
  • Tread width mm 50
  • Overall height mm 240
  • Offset mm 56
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 140x110
  • Hole spacing mm 105x85/75
  • Hole width mm 11.0
  • Load capacity kg 500
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs