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Swivel castors, total brake,wheels puncture proof tyres (Ø200mm rear brake)

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
*** Here comes your solution for AIR LOSS and leaks - FTA puncutre proof wheels ! ***

In areas with uneven and rough ground or with threshold the puncture wheels are
the best choice. Nails and pins lying around are not longer a problem !

Suitable for use with light and medium-duty loads, on any type of flooring, also for mixed
indoor and outdoor use. Also suitable on sandy base.
Suitable for humidity and medium-harsh chemical agent. Not suitable in the presence of
organic solvents, chlorinated substances, hydrocarbons and mineral oils.
Operating temperature: -20°C until +60°C.

Galvanised sheet steel. Two ball race rings in the swivel head.
Max. speed: 4 km/h.

With plate

Puncture proof tyres on synthetic rim with roller bearing.

Above a net goods value of CHF 100.- 20%, above CHF 500.- 25% discount.
The discount rates are only valid for our range of wheels and castors.

Product options

Product code
Wheel diameter Wheel diameter Wheel diameter mm
Tread width Tread width Tread width mm
Overall height Overall height Overall height mm
Offset Offset Offset mm
Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions mm
Hole spacing Hole spacing Hole spacing mm
Hole width Hole width Hole width mm
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
PR Profile / Tread
excl. VAT
1.007.250 200 50 235 54 135x110 105x80 11.0 75 Rillenprofil CHF 85.90
1.007.251 260 85 295 70 175x175 140x140 15.0 100 Blockprofil CHF 159.–
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 1.007.250 CHF 85.90
  • Wheel diameter mm 200
  • Tread width mm 50
  • Overall height mm 235
  • Offset mm 54
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 135x110
  • Hole spacing mm 105x80
  • Hole width mm 11.0
  • Load capacity kg 75
  • Profile / Tread Rillenprofil
More info 1.007.251 CHF 159.–
  • Wheel diameter mm 260
  • Tread width mm 85
  • Overall height mm 295
  • Offset mm 70
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 175x175
  • Hole spacing mm 140x140
  • Hole width mm 15.0
  • Load capacity kg 100
  • Profile / Tread Blockprofil
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs