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Mammut Swivel castors with rear total brake, cast polyamide wheel and BB

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
This castor is suitable for EXTRA HAEVY loads for industry and craft.
It is suitable for outdoor use. It is impact resistant, unbreakable and very durable.
Compared to cast iron wheels those PAG Cast polyamide have a high chemical resistance
and the don't mark and damage the floors.
Operating temperature: -30°C until +80°C.

STRONG galvanised steel bracket. With thrust bearing (DIN 711) and tapered roller bearing
(DIN 770) in the swivel head. The bearing in the swivel head has a grease nippel.
Max. speed: 4 km/h.

With plate.

Strong CAST Polyamide (PAG) wheel with deep groove ball bearing.
NON-Marking, abrasion-resistant and very duarable. Easy running because of its hard surface.
Hardness Shore D 70.

- with directional lock
- with polyurethane wheels
- with cast iron wheels

Above a net goods value of CHF 100.- 20%, above CHF 500.- 25% discount.
The discount rates are only valid for our range of wheels and castors.

Product options

Product code
Wheel diameter Wheel diameter Wheel diameter mm
Tread width Tread width Tread width mm
Overall height Overall height Overall height mm
Offset Offset Offset mm
Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions mm
Hole spacing Hole spacing Hole spacing mm
Hole width Hole width Hole width mm
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
excl. VAT
1.007.481 125 55 175 50 138x110 105x75-80 10.0 1500 CHF 217.–
instead CHF 242.–
1.007.483 200 80 264 65 175x140 140x105 14.0 2000 CHF 499.–
instead CHF 555.–
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 1.007.481 CHF 217.–
instead CHF 242.–
  • Wheel diameter mm 125
  • Tread width mm 55
  • Overall height mm 175
  • Offset mm 50
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 138x110
  • Hole spacing mm 105x75-80
  • Hole width mm 10.0
  • Load capacity kg 1500
More info 1.007.483 CHF 499.–
instead CHF 555.–
  • Wheel diameter mm 200
  • Tread width mm 80
  • Overall height mm 264
  • Offset mm 65
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 175x140
  • Hole spacing mm 140x105
  • Hole width mm 14.0
  • Load capacity kg 2000
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs