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Conductive fixed castors with polyamide wheel and ball bearing.

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
  • CAD Data on request CAD Data on request
  • Conductive Conductive
Conductive castors are used in places where static electric charge must
be directed away from a device or a trolley. Or if its formation has to be
prevented. Applications include electronics and the automotive industry,
hospitals adn other locations where devices or products are sensitive to
static electricity.
Operating temperature: -30°C until +80°C.

Galvanised sheet steel. Two ball race rings in the swivel head.
Special: The brake can be adjusted !
Max. speed: 4 km/h.

With plate.

Ø100/125mm: Conductive polyamide wheel with sealed ball bearing.
High chemical resistance and low rolling resistance.
Ø160mm: Conductive polyamide wheel with polyurethane surface
and ball bearing. This wheel runs quietly and smoothly.
Conductive according to EN 12528-EN 12533. Specific resistance lower
then 10 cube 4 Ohm.
Hardness Shore D 70 - Ø 160mm A 98.
Please don't hesitate to contact us. We are happy to answer any of your questions!

Above a net goods value of CHF 100.- 20%, above CHF 500.- 25% discount.
The discount rates are only valid for our range of wheels and castors.

Product options

Product code
Wheel diameter Wheel diameter Wheel diameter mm
Tread width Tread width Tread width mm
Overall height Overall height Overall height mm
Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions Top plate outer dimensions mm
Hole spacing Hole spacing Hole spacing mm
Hole width Hole width Hole width mm
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
excl. VAT
1.115.320 100 36 132 105x85 80x60 9.0 140 CHF 38.–
instead CHF 47.50
1.115.322 160 40 191 135x110 105x80/75 10.0 200 CHF 55.90
instead CHF 69.90
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 1.115.320 CHF 38.–
instead CHF 47.50
  • Wheel diameter mm 100
  • Tread width mm 36
  • Overall height mm 132
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 105x85
  • Hole spacing mm 80x60
  • Hole width mm 9.0
  • Load capacity kg 140
More info 1.115.322 CHF 55.90
instead CHF 69.90
  • Wheel diameter mm 160
  • Tread width mm 40
  • Overall height mm 191
  • Top plate outer dimensions mm 135x110
  • Hole spacing mm 105x80/75
  • Hole width mm 10.0
  • Load capacity kg 200
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs