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Glide - Units with Flange Fixing - Nylon Load Load ball, Zinc Plated Housings

Product description
  • ROHS compliant ROHS compliant
  • CAD Data on request CAD Data on request
A simple and inexpensive range featuring a large ball exposure. Ideal for lighter loads and where
there is a cost consideration.

Low profile flange fixing with dirt exit hole and integral plastic scraper seal.
Seating hole diameter.
Available in a number of materials.
This one is with a Load ball of Nylon and Zinc plated Housing

The Load capacity is for load ball mounted UP AND DOWN.

General tolerance: +/- 0,3 mm (if nothing else is mentioned in the table.)

If you are unsure of your requirements, our technical team are here to help you...

for use as a castor or in wet conditions stainless steel Type is recommended.

Product options

Product code
Load capacity Load capacity Load capacity kg
A Max. Ø Flange, mm (A)
B Working height of Ball, mm (B)
C Ball Exposure, mm (C)
E Under Flange to Base, mm (E)
F Flange Thickness, mm (F)
KU-Ø Load Ball-Ø mm
L Overall height, mm (L)
G P.C.D. Centres of Fixing holes, mm (G)
H Hole Ø of fixing holes, mm (H)
S Base to Top of Body mm (S)
J Major Flange Size mm (J)
K Minor Flange Size mm (K)
D Body Ø, mm (D)
excl. VAT
1.003.794 20 30.5 12.4 8.8 21.1 2 25.4 33.5 48 +/-0.2 5.25 24.7 64 44 26.6 CHF 15.20
Product code
Price excl. VAT
More info 1.003.794 CHF 15.20
  • Load capacity kg 20
  • Max. Ø Flange, mm (A) 30.5
  • Working height of Ball, mm (B) 12.4
  • Ball Exposure, mm (C) 8.8
  • Under Flange to Base, mm (E) 21.1
  • Flange Thickness, mm (F) 2
  • Load Ball-Ø mm 25.4
  • Overall height, mm (L) 33.5
  • P.C.D. Centres of Fixing holes, mm (G) 48 +/-0.2
  • Hole Ø of fixing holes, mm (H) 5.25
  • Base to Top of Body mm (S) 24.7
  • Major Flange Size mm (J) 64
  • Minor Flange Size mm (K) 44
  • Body Ø, mm (D) 26.6
Prices in CHF
Excl.VAT and excl. Transport costs