Shipment costs

Prices do not include VAT, shipping and packaging.
Applies to shipments within Switzerland and Liechtenstein for all products in the shop. 

Additional cost for delivery on saturdays:CHF 4.50

Weight Charge for shippment CHF  Type of shippment
up to   30 kg      9.90 PostPac Priority
up to   30 kg    35.00  Bulky goods / PostPac Priority
up to 100 kg    79.00  General cargo
up to 150 kg    99.00  General cargo
up to 200 kg  119.00  General cargo
up to 250 kg  129.00  General cargo
up to 300 kg  159.00  General cargo
up to 500 kg  169.00  General cargo
> 500 kg  Auf Anfrage General cargo

For orders greater than 500 kg, the shop automatically charges for up to 500 kg, and you will receive a confirmation of order from us with the exact shipping costs.